Tuesday, April 15, 2008

He Seems to Be a Happy Camper

As long as we're posting odd cartoon mascots for tasty sweets, here's something I saw recently in my local grocery store. I believe this pale-faced fellow is the current avatar of Campfire Marshmallows.

(Pardon the cameraphone photo. At least it's clearer than my last one.)

So, apparently this cheery, puffy young camper, made of marshmallows himself, is wearing a t-shirt that shows a flaming marshmallow.

I can't decide whether that is meant to imply a lack of self-awareness (or foodchain-awareness) or whether he's just totally Metal.


Mike said...

I think you've said all there is to say about the Campfire marshmallow but HOLY HELL THAT "METAL" LINK IS THE BOMB!

(I still don't know what the story is with that orange-skinned alien-looking avatar of the guitarist, though. I also thought the appearance of the Electric Mayhem band was a nice touch.)

Isaac said...

I think you must be referring to Beta Ray Bill, Mike—one of Walt Simonson's great contributions to comics history.

Ben Towle said...

This guy reminds me of BBQ restaurant logos I see all over the place here in NC. They're often little cartoon pigs with chef's hats and/or an apron. That's just WRONG.

Isaac said...

I guess the equivalent would be something like a t-shirt that said "Soylent Green" (or maybe "Long Pig").