Sunday, August 16, 2009

Doodle Penance: "my own droring dodle riter"

So, the "Doodle Penance" that I posted yesterday is actually last week's Penance, about six days late. This week's item comes from a Google searcher who was looking for "my own droring dodle riter."

I wish to emphasize that by putting our Googler's words into the mouth of Plug (from Leo Baxendale's Bash Street Kids), or some near relation thereof, I mean no offense. Those words could have come from any kid. Plug's just more fun to draw.

Mike? Have you found a few minutes to doodle this weekend?

—Isaac, I have. Lo:
My aesthetic here was influenced by the arrival of my new baby girl, still far too young for crayons but likely to draw like this someday...Van Gogh quotations and all, I'm sure. The quasi ad-copy is another family inheritance of sorts; I guess I'm in a familial mood.

Incidentally, just for fun I put "my own droring dodle riter" into Google before we started this post. The first reply to the search was a query:
Did you mean: my own drawing doodle writer
The second was already us, and no doubt inspired this week's penance:

Search Results

Satisfactory Comics: Doodle Penance: "make your own kirby character"

—Why, I have my own Kirby character, of course. ... mutation is probably the sort of thing that a later writer would retcon onto the third ... -
And the third was an actual Doodle Writer (sic) for sale at Amazon.

I think we should use the quasi-Plug-designed Dodle Riter to draw Satisfactory Comics #9. Whaddaya say?

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