Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Doodle Penance: "comment dessiné une sloth"

We chose last week's phrase for "Doodle Penance" because of what Mike called its "wonderfully bad French": someone came to the site searching for "comment dessiné une sloth."

And so, this afternoon, when I caught a rare stretch of idle minutes, I decided to practice dessiné-ing une sloth, with these click-to-enlarge results.

How's that for a paresseux parisien? I drew it without reference images.

My thanks go out to the members of the freshman comics-history class at the Center for Cartoon Studies, who reminded me of the essential iconography of the Frenchy striped shirt. A baguette and a beret might not have been enough to Francofy my folivore.

Stay tuned for this week's Doodle Penance. It'll be speedy...

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