Monday, October 25, 2010

Two Halloween Minis

I'm happy to announce that we have not one but two small minicomics ready to celebrate the Halloween season.

The first, "Make Me a Bat," has already been the subject of a few posts while it was in progress. Here are a few photos of the finished product, which will also give you a hint or two about the plot of the little comic:

Of course, this simple desire on the part of the little boy is thwarted through a variety of misunderstandings (possibly deliberate misprisions) about what he wants. Eventually, the wrong costumes get both ridiculous and frustrating.

... But the book does have a happy (and cute) ending.

This isn't actually the last panel; there's also an appropriate denouement, not pictured here.

And "Make Me a Bat" isn't the only new little book that we've got this autumn. My colleague Allegra Bishop also worked up a little book—as much an illustrated poem as a comic—about the peculiar headwear of the actress Sarah Bernhardt.

You can click these images to enlarge them and get a sense of both the cartooning and the doggerel in "A Hat, a Bat, Manhattan."

And here's the back cover, featuring the Divine Ms. Bernhardt in all her chiroptero-sartorial glory.

I'm still folding and stapling to fill Halloween bulk pre-orders, so I can't promise to get large orders to anyone else in time for Halloween. But if you just want one copy of each book, I can pop them in the mail (first-class) on the same day you order, so you might still be able to read both micro-minicomics on All Hallow's Eve (or on Dia de Los Muertos, at least).

$1.50 will cover my publishing costs, the postage, and Paypal's fees. Here's a button to make the transaction easy:

Of course, you could also get these books by ordering a three-for-five bargain deal. They'd count together as a single book, for those purposes.


Mike said...

I'd forgotten about the 3-for-$5 deal. That's a bargain, all right!

I like the curtain backdrop to those photos; they add a nice textural quality as well as an appropriately stage-y flair for that Sarah Bernhardt book. (And the photo of her in her bat-hat...that's a kind of celebrity outré couture I dig, much more so than a meat dress, for sure, if equally PETA-unfriendly.)

Colin Tedford said...

Those are some quality Halloween comics there!

Isaac said...

Those curtains, Mike, are in the conference hotel in Columbus. (I've been meaning to put them up online since I was at that comics festival at OSU.)