Tuesday, January 3, 2012

More AZ Fanart: Antiosour vs. Bonosour

Maybe you thought that hadpanagus and ichipotomas were enough for me. Nope! I like all of AZ's animal creations. I might even manage to catch up with her Alphabeasts alphabet if I do more than one a week.

And so I present you with antiosour and bonosour, who are natural enemies.

Originally, AZ posted these two creatures with no notes, so I had to try to figure out what I could about them just from the drawings.

My first thought was that the circles over their heads might be a sort of organic, permanently attached speech balloon or thought bubble.

Or, I thought, since bonosour seemed to be a bird, maybe they were ornamental feathers. But, as it turns out, such is not the case. Here's what AZ has to say about antiosour:

He is a crazy bad guy. He doesn’t do anything but sit around looking mad. He can’t even really move around. He tries to take over the world by sitting on a stool and electrocuting people with his antenna, which can send signals through electrical wires.

And as for bonosour? Well, his cranial appendage is an antenna, too:

AZ says, “Bonosour is a birdie. He never gets electrified because the electric in his antenna goes back to Antiosour’s antenna.” So, Bonosour is immune to Antiosour attacks, because he absorbs Antiosour’s electricity and shoots it back. Bonosour does not like Antiosour, because he is a good guy. But, curiously, he does not use his powers to save people; he only uses them to protect himself.

With that information in hand, I was able to work up this doodle or thumbnail.

And then it took me a couple of weeks to produce the finished art. Maybe I'll get my next drawing done more quickly. There are plenty of awesome AZ creatures where these came from!


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Loops O'Fury said...

Nice! I like the idea of an organic thought balloon. That could make for some funny comics.

AZ especially likes your Bonosour, and the sketch of the Antiosour wearing a vest.

Isaac said...

I'm glad you like them! I had a lot of fun drawing these guys.