Monday, June 25, 2012

Alphadonjon: F is for Farfalle and Fayez ul-Rahman

This week's Alphabooks entry features characters from way on the other end of the Donjon continuity. Although these two characters never meet, so far as I know, they both dwell in Terra Amata's end-times, in the era after the world has shattered and every place is a floating island isolated from other islands by a yawning void, a mile-deep drop, and a molten sea of lava down below.

Fayez ul-Rahman, the serpent guy, is the leader of the assassin's society called the "Specters" (of which Davraz is one). He turns on his master the Grand Khan and turns out to be quite a problem.

Farfalle, the ursine damsel, is the daughter of a Takmool on a floating island that has begun to spin end over end. The Takmool has constructed a mansion (and grounds) on a massive wheeled platform, which his subjects pull continuously on a circumnavigating track so it will never fall off the edge of the island. Anyway, Farfalle falls for Herbert the Red in the last (so far) installment of Dungeon: Twilight.

I figured out this pose pretty quickly, inspired I think by Fayez's slight facial resemblance to Kermit the Frog. (I figured that Farfalle would be fine for some Miss-Piggy-style unappreciated attraction.)

As with last week, I had trouble figuring out the mammal character's long snout. I think I'm just not used to drawing certain sorts of "funny animal" characters, but I guess this alphabet will in the end be good practice...

Later, I got the pose, if not Farfalle's head, more or less the way I wanted it. This version, though it was on scratch paper, wound up basically being my pencils for the drawing. (I traced most of this doodle to make the pencils in my notebook.)

Next week: one of everybody's favorite monsters.

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