Monday, March 25, 2013

AlphaBots: H is for HAL 9000

I went back and forth a little bit about which robot to draw for this week's AlphaBots. In fact, I may still cook up another drawing, but probably not today.

My original idea started to seem daunting to me when I thought about how much geometry would be involved in any decent drawing of HAL 9000 (from 2001: a Space Odyssey): either a bunch of perspective for the memory-core room or a bunch of concentric circles in HAL's iconic camera eye. 

And then I found my drawing compass, tucked away in a box under a few months' worth of books.

Have I mentioned that I find cross-hatching sort of therapeutic?

As for the text in the caption: well, marmoreal was the word of the day for my dictionary app today. I've used it in a poem before, describing the "horned / marmoreal scorn" of Michelangelo's Moses — the poem's in this issue of Hayden's Ferry Review, but it's not the poem you can read for free on their site — but I decided to go in a different direction when pairing marmoreal with some contrasting words. I was sort of thinking about HAL's lack of a humanoid body.


Sam W. said...

That's gorgeous, man! I love cross hatching as well. It's very calming.

Scholle said...

Nicely Done. Not much to it and it seems deep and complex. Love your work.

Isaac said...

Thanks, both of you! One of the things about combining the robot drawings with my "Draw Two Panels" project is that I have to leave some room for the drawings to be repurposed, and I like that.

Curious Art said...

Had Hal had marmoreal thews, Dave had not likely fared so well! Something for designers of humanoid robots to ponder...

Excellent choice of subject & treatment!

Richard Parent said...

The cross-hatching *is* really nice.

And yes, HAL. You should yearn for the wrestler's marmoreal thews.

Note: I find the synergy between the Alphabots topic and the "Please prove you're not a robot" captcha disturbingly pleasing.