Sunday, April 12, 2009

Doodle Penance: "to draw the triple constraint"

This week's "Doodle Penance" comes courtesy of a googler who was looking for "to draw the triple constraint." (I knew we'd wind up having to pay somehow for the penance we drew a couple of weeks ago.)

My doodle should more or less speak for itself. If you click it to enlarge it, you'll see my re-creation of the opening splash page from an issue of Mr. Miracle that featured "Kartuun the Complicator" and two guest stars from other worlds.

Mike? What have you got?


You may need to click to try to puzzle out the faint text. Or, hell, I'll just transcribe it here, with commentary:


Harry (thinking): Manacles...straitjacket...iron cage...Have I met my match at last??

Caption: A bad hand in a poker game with the DEVIL teaches Harry that it's a high-stakes hazard TO DRAW...THE TRIPLE CONSTRAINT!

The idea is that Harry lost a card game with Old Scratch and had to pay up not with cash or his soul but with a triple constraint he had to escape from or die trying (whereupon, presumably, his soul WOULD be forfeit to Old Scratch).

Don't ask me how manacles and straitjackets work at the same time. I was drawing in a damn hurry because I was needled by Isaac's snarkiness about timing. Mistakes were made. And no, I hadn't seen Isaac's design yet when I drew mine. This is how our minds work, apparently. Constraints of another kind...or ruts, if you like.

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