Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fool's Day!

April Fool's Day has got to be my second-favorite holiday in the calendar. Or at least I love it in theory.

In practice, I don't get to play nearly as many pranks or to jink half as many japes as I'd like to. It's a drag sometimes to have to act like a responsible adult.

However, in the spirit of the day, let's see how long it takes Mike to notice this.

It's a colored version of his self-portrait from our fun Demonstration project.

Shh! Don't leave a comment. If you do, he'll get an email about it!


Mike said...

FOUR DAYS, apparently.


Isaac said...


Mike said...

=3, of course, but I was reckoning four days inclusive, starting with April 1st as day 1.

From that drawing, looks like I could use a blanket or some air...

Mike said...

Come to think of it: didn't I draw that on April Fool's Day 2004???

Isaac said...

I believe that's why you drew that particular demon, yes: it was an April Fool's Day demon. Mine for that day was not especially fooly — just an unremarkable (but jubilant) snakeman with horns.