Monday, September 6, 2010

Siena Find #2: Foreign Editions

One of the interesting things about traveling is finding a familiar cultural object in an unfamiliar setting.

And I don't just mean the familiar design of this Sienese no-parking sign...

Which is, you know, obviously swiped from the patch on Scott Pilgrim's jacket.

Nor do I mean the way that a little cartoon Gaul might sell pizza in Italy...

(In this case, in Colle di val d'Elsa, and not in Siena.)

What I'm thinking about is this: when I went out to look for interesting Italian comics I discovered this on a Sienese bookstore shelf:

There's the second volume of Jason Lutes's Berlin, translated into Italian.

... and these a little farther down the bookcase:

(Seems like Sacco's The Fixer, here called Neven, isn't selling as well as expected. But sales will pick up: it's a damn good book.)

What I liked best about this discovery was the retitling of Joe Sacco's But I like It:

... which we could render back into English as Me and Rock. Rock on, Italian publishers. You've got good taste in American comics.

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