Monday, August 20, 2012

Alphadonjon: N is for Narboni

This week's Alphabooks Dungeon entry is pretty much my only option, but I think he's pretty cool.

N is for Narboni. He seems to be an undead rabbit wizard. He wears a cassock and sandals, and his forearms are skeletal.

Narboni lives for the first seven pages of the first story in Vol. 1 of Dungeon: Monstres. He's one of the crew of monsters that William Delacour encounters, including John-John, then cons into accompanying him to locate the Dungeon. We haven't seen the last of this crew of monsters; not hardly. I think the only one of them that I won't be drawing is Metacarpus, the one-eyed zombie pirate cat with hooks for both hands.

Anyway, Narboni meets an untimely end (decapitated and then burned, since his severed head is still trying to cast a spell) before we can get to know him very well. I'm not even a hundred percent sure that he's supposed to be a rabbit.

The pose is a little awkward, but I wanted to make sure I showed off his free-bone forearms and his sandals.

I had a slightly different version, but then I tweaked the shadows a little bit. Probably the tweak is not even noticeable. I had a hard time figuring what color the shadows cast by eerie green Ditko magic would be.

What I meant when I said Narboni was almost my only option is that there really aren't many Dungeon characters whose names start with N. And this is just going to get worse in three or four weeks. I'm planning to cheat just a little bit when that time comes. You'll forgive me, won't you?

Next week: a sultry dragon lady and a chicken-octopus ninja.


Mike said...

You make us tarry a whole week with the knowledge that "a chicken-octopus ninja" is waiting in the wings? You fiend!

Meanwhile, I'm intrigued to see you cite Ditko by name in your post (since I had also invoked the Web-master in an email to your sneak peak of this image). Did you deliberately Ditkify it from the start, then?

Anyhow, a spooky image! I like it.

Charles Baraw said...

Kudos, Maestro! I haven't been here in a while but I remain a fan and sometime lurker! I hope we can catch up in my birthplace someday. I remain envious it has become your hometown! CBaraw
p.s. Hi, Mike!

Isaac said...

Oh, you'll wait considerably more than a week, my friend!

Mike said...

@Chuck: Hey, long time no greet! Good to hear from you. Keep on lurkin'! (Though comments always welcome, of course.)

@Kaiser: You double f[r]iend! Well, I'm a one to throw stones, aren't I? (We've both been super-busy, I know.)