Sunday, September 30, 2007

Page 5 pencils (obstructed story)

I am happy to report that my scanner is working again, so herewith a scan of the pencils for page 5 of our story in progress:

It's very close to the thumbnails and script I posted the other day. I've trimmed the text somewhat and tried to give a clearer sense of what sorts of items Stepan is gathering up: a box with a clasp; a knife; a length of rope; and (hard to render intelligibly at this size) a flint. I've also added a knapsack leaning against the wall near the door when Kalbi gives the all-clear; the faithful dogboy is wearing the knapsack in the last panel.

I will get this inked as soon as circumstances allow. So if you have any changes to recommend...act now!


Isaac said...

I like all those changes, Mike. It's looking good.

Do you think the monster shadow in the last tier looks menacing enough? He looks to me like he's kind of just out for a walk.

More in a while.

Mike said...

Thanks, Isaac; I aim to please (or at least to satisfy).

I think I can make Mr. Monster look a little more menacing, if that's desirable...