Friday, May 16, 2008

Comes the Apocalypse

Why does this exist?

And why, Lord, why does it feature Ozzy Osbourne?

The wretched details are found here.


Mike said...

An informant has alerted me that the performers' names are not listed on the link provided, so if you are morbidly curious to know more you can always consult

---which helpfully included a link to a possibly related film: Love is the Devil.

Isaac said...

What's weird is that there seem to be some pretty good songs on that album -- but they totally don't go together. It's hard to imagine anyone whose musical tastes would include everything on that record.

How did you find out about it, Mike? Is this part of some larger research project on the cultural impact of the "Love Is..." comic?

Mike said...

Heh...NO. A while back I bought a couple of British graphic novels via (including the latest by Posy Simmonds, Tamara Drewe), and that put me on an mailing list. Amazingly, Love is...the album was a featured item, with picture and everything, in their recent solicitation for a big clearance sale. Yes, while you'd have to pay almost $50 to buy it on American as an import, here in Old Blighty it can be yours for three quid.

Apparently the record is part of a recent relaunch of the "Love is..." brand. And apparently the cartoon is currently syndicated in 34 countries. Heaven help us.

Isaac said...

Well, I happen to have three squid I'm not doing anything with, so sign me up. Do I need to be able to keep the squid fresh all the way to England, though? Because it seems like I'd need dry ice or something, to keep the package cold...

Oh, wait. Okay, never mind.