Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Continuing Color Cuandary

All right: based on some feedback to the first post about Kalbi's costume, I've made some tweaks. Does this meet with everyone's approval?

Also, how about this color combination for Stepan? It's a little different from what I was showing Mike earlier today.


Mike said...

I think you've got two winners there, Isaac. Good job on the tweaks!

Isaac said...

Phew! Now all I have to do is color every instance of these characters, plus the other ones, plus the backgrounds. Piece of cake!

Mike said...

Oh, say, you know what might be cool? If you could also color the word balloons--you know, keying each one separately to a particular character through a distinctive color, ideally one related to their prevailing costume colors but slightly different, for variety.

Also, you might want to exploit colored gutters for an increased sort of mood effect.

The next step? 3-D comics!

Isaac said...

Colored speech balloons would definitely not be cool. I reprehend even color-coded voice-over captions (all too prominent in the "serious" contemporary superhero comic).

But I knew you were kidding.