Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Kalbi's Kostume: Kolor Kwestion

So, I have finally started to color our Elfworld submission, "Stepan Crick and the Chart of the Possible", which I'm hoping to have ready as a set of ten color postcards in time for the MoCCA festival in early June. (I'd better get to coloring! The postcards will take some time to arrive!)

And already I'm at a quandary. I can't decide how to dress our dog-headed boy, Kalbi. Could you help me decide between these options?

Originally, I'd wanted to put him in purple, or in purple and blue, so I tried this out.

Option A

Mike said he liked that version, but a little bird on my shoulder kind of convinced me that I might want to try something else.

And so here he is again, in a sort of burgundy tunic:

Option B

And then there's the possibility of a sort of compromise:

Option C

I'm not sure which one of these looks best. If it helps you to know, Stepan is mostly dressed in green. Arntham, of course, is all in black.


Mike said...

Hm. I don't know about birds, but I remember opining way back when that I imagined Kalbi in a sort of red-and-gold get-up, so the burgundy version almost works for me. Something about the sleeves and collar puts me off, though: his costume looks more motley than in the blue version, which is all of a piece color-wise. Perhaps if he had a darker collar in the burgundy family it might be a better fit? Or if it took up the more pink stripes of the tunic instead?

I think I'm neutral as between basically blue and basically burgundy for the base of the costume, but I'm definitely in favor of the kind of color consistency that I see now in the blue version and don't entirely see in the burgundy version.

Anyway, that's my 2p!

MiriyaB (Becca) said...

I like Option B best -- dig the burgundy, am not as sure about the collar/sleeves color, though (but I like the yellow better than the contrasting blue in Option C)...