Friday, May 2, 2008

Matteu (4-6)

Our pal Carl Pyrdum anticipated, in the comments on last week's installment, the next turn in the Matteu story: the peculiar fellow in the black robe, whose name turns out to be Karel (spooky!), explains his headgear:

(Click, of course, to make larger.)

As you can see, we moved away from the idea of developing a language for the Mihkra (Mike must have been having a Tolkien moment or something when he started that). You can probably see some jostling between me (even-numbered tiers) and Mike (odd-numbered tiers) on other matters, as well: what's to become of that horse, for example, when neither of us really likes to draw horses?

You'll also notice the first significant gaps between drawing times for the tiers: apparently, we waited almost a month between strips on this page. Those were not the first delays, nor the longest, by any means.

We welcome speculation on what might happen next, though I believe that was all decided back in 2005 ... or 2006? What's this story going to be about? It's still hard to say, isn't it? (We sure didn't know.)

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