Friday, June 29, 2007

Satisfactory Comics #7

I'll make a longer and more detailed post about the new issue [Edit: done; click link!] when I'm done cataloguing the back issues, but for now, if you are interested in ordering a copy of our newest collaborative venture, Satisfactory Comics #7, you can drop an email to me at Isaac dot Cates at LIU dot edu, or you can simply Paypal me using the button below. I've got plenty of copies. The comic actually doesn't have a full-color cover -- what you're seeing up there is the advertising postcard. But it does contain the sixteen stories pictured there.

We drew most of this new issue in a single thirty-hour drawing marathon last month. The stories range from a rumination on life in orbit to a goofy story about a little girl and a ghost trapped in a hole. The world is destroyed, undead rise from their graves, people fall from mountainsides, and an amphibious kelp farmer gets frustrated. Truly, there's a little something in here for everyone.

If you click on the button below, you'll be taken to Paypal where you can order a copy. The 28-page issue costs $2.50 if you send me a check, or $3.00 if you use Paypal. (I need the extra 50 cents to cover their fees. Sorry.)

Under Revision

Welcome to the nascent web home of Satisfactory Comics, the collaborative cartooning venture of Isaac Cates and Mike Wenthe. We hope to use this site to showcase our previous work, consider our comics work in progress, and reflect on interesting work by others, whether it be actual comics or writing and thinking about comics.

Bear with us as we continue to revise and refine the site. We appreciate your attention—after all, every issue of our flagship series Satisfactory Comics has begun with contributions from friends and readers. We hope to continue to learn from our readers and from our own responses to their ideas and challenges.