Friday, November 30, 2007

Page 9, inked

All right, folks, we're getting down to the wire—but there's my last page for our Elfworld submission, right there!

Constraints: Silhouettes in every panel? Check!—even if they're tiny in panel 6. Overheard dialogue? Check!—even if it isn't very colorful ("What's going on here?"). Something concealed? Check!—as implied in the final caption of the page.

My work as a cartoonist is done here. Now I just get to enjoy my work as a kibitzer. Isaac: bring it on home with page 10!


Shira said...

Wow! I just looked back at all the completed pages. I haven't really read the story very closely yet, but I just keep admiring the artwork. I love how it gets darker and darker as I move through the pages, and the final silhouette at the end of page 8 works as a neat way to introduce all the silhouettes on the next page. (Maybe your constrainer planned it that way?) I can't wait to see the final page and then to read the whole thing on paper or postcard.

Isaac said...

I think this looks great! Those lively, exaggerated shadowfolk are really pleasing.

You shouldn't have too long to wait for p. 10, Shira. I'm going to start pencilling it today, and I'm hoping to have some results to show Mike before sundown!

Isaac said...

... I forgot to say: I really like the detailed textures around the map. That really reveals the stakes of this disaster for the shadow people.

Mike said...

Thanks to you both! Shira, I'm glad to hear from you that the pages have a kind of visual narrative in their gradual darkening from page 1 on. It encourages me that the finished series should end up with a kind of consistency even with the swapping of artists from page to page.

And Isaac, I'm glad you like the texturing around the map--especially since you were careful to suggest it in an e-mail off the blog!