Monday, July 6, 2009

Bonus Partyka Notebook Doodle

Judging from the rockets' red glare, the month of June must be over, which means our stint as guest artists on the Partyka website has come to a close. We're followed, over there, by the awesome stylings of Chadwick Whitehead. And while the "Daily Drawing" feature remains a splendid place to pause in your web perambulations, if you want to see us there, that boat has sailed.

We managed to color one set of lecture doodles that didn't make it into the "Daily Drawing" rotation. It's from an ICAF conference a few years ago—apparently I was feeling doodly during some of the presentations.

Mike did a nice job with those various odd elements, and since we're not constrained by Partyka's dimensions here on the blog, I thought I'd give you a few close-up views, as an extra bonus. As usual, the details raise more questions than they answer.

Isn't he adorable? Is that the real Batman, hit with a reverse-aging ray, or is it just a kid dressed for Halloween?

How did Puny Hulk get up a tree? Why isn't he beefier? Would Hostess Fruit Pies lure him down?

What was I listening to? Why was I so fed up? Wasn't I learning something anyway? Is that supposed to be some mutated version of Kirby's Mokkari? Does a yellow Apokoliptian turn red when he's angry? Or does that furiouth faith jutht thuggetht a Thith?

1 comment:

Mike said...

What, what? Did you add a final sentence here when I wasn't looking? I can parse "furious face just suggest a," but what on earth is "thith"? I'm thtumped.

You don't mean SITH, do you, as in Darth Maul? Perhaps you do...