Saturday, October 3, 2009

Daily Drop Cap: Fun Type Design

Hhave you seen this new(ish) art-and-design blog called "Daily Drop Cap"?

Beautifying your blog in the style of a cool old manuscript has never been easier, thanks to Jessica Hische.

Although the Daily Drop Cap will probably be most useful for most bloggers when Hische gets around to designing the first-person pronoun (which will happen on Monday, if she sticks to her schedule), there are already eight kicky capitals there, ready to dress up plain text as long as it starts with the right letter.

Go on over and check it out. Bookmark the site for future inspection. Swipe a letter or two for your next post.

Even someone without a devotion to "display lettering" could have a lot of fun with these letters.

Could I be abusing the graphic possibilities that these fun initial capitals allow?

Definitely. But there's something about these Hische's work that really invites playful participation. And what is that je ne sais quois? ... I think the word for it is:


(In case it's not obvious, those letters are the creation of "Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische.")


Damien Jay said...

wow those are all so great, thanks for sharing this!

Mike said...

What a find! Thanks for sharing your internet discoveries with us, Isaac.