Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hand Turkey Corrigendum: Abner Jenkins Is Miffed

Okay, so in the post I made a few days ago, one of the Marvel Hand Turkeys was pretty much unrecognizable. Partly that's because it's derived from an obscure costume design for an obscure character. But mostly it's because I got the freaking hand design wrong. I am not too big to admit my mistakes.

Here, what if I had posted this? Would you have been able to guess then?

You see, in my haste to get the doodles up online, I looked only at the first image for this fellow that I found—only the first thing to hand, so to speak. And truth be told, I could have done my homework more thoroughly. That first image really doesn't reveal the full weirdness of the hands in Abner Jenkins's first Ditko-style suit of super-villain armor.

Yes, the "answer" to that missing Hand Turkey was supposed to be none other than the Beetle, in his original Human-Torch-fightin' getup.

I'm sorry! Next time I'll pick my reference images more carefully!


John said...

You know waaay too many Marvel characters.

Isaac said...

I can't help it. This is the stuff I grew up reading. The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe came out right at the moment when I was at my most obsessive (and, perhaps, my nerdiest).

I know next to nothing about developments in the Marvel universe after about 1990, though.