Sunday, October 7, 2007

Page 6 pencils (obstructed story)

Well, I have some pencils done for p. 6 of that Elfworld submission now. I have already made one change since drawing this: the label on the side of the coach is going to end with "SALVAGE" and not with "JUNKERY."

There are going to be a lot of spot blacks in this page, because it's set outside in the dark. If you see a little "x" floating in an otherwise empty field, that means the whole field will be black. (Probably I don't have to explain that convention to most of you reading this, but who knows? I want to be reader-friendly, even for the uninitiated.)

Please click on that image to make it legible, then let me have any critiques or suggestions you can come up with. I want to start lettering the page some time late today or early tomorrow, so I'll really appreciate speedy comments.


Anonymous said...

What if you removed the panel borders or had them "broken" in the last panel?

These monsters have come from "outside" or "between" the panels.

Instead of them having climbed in they could have broken in.

Mike said...

Not a bad idea, Mark, but possibly contrary to our developing conception of just how these guys and their world relate to the world within the panels. Perhaps more will be revealed in subsequent pages or posts!

Meanwhile, a couple of quick comments for Isaac: I really like the shadows on the faces when Stepan makes the glass shine, and I like the way Kalbi's folded his ears back angrily in the last panel. How like a dog(boy)!

No tweaks suggest themselves at first glance of the pencils. If I get any ideas, I'll let you know ASAP, but I say letter away!

Isaac said...

Of course Kalbi puts his ears down when he wants to look threatening. He has a dog's head; he should have a dog's expressions, right?