Monday, October 29, 2007

Page 8, inked

Hey, this time I used my image-correcting brightness controls in "post-production" to make the spot blacks look really black for a change! (My inks were looking a little feeble compared with Isaac's.) Yay, technology! Improvements at the push of a button!

Alas, other improvements were more laborious. Tier three, panel 1 is mostly redesigned away from the pencils I first posted, and I had to bust out some Pro White to add the magical "reins" in tier two, panel 2, where I had stupidly omitted them at first.

But never mind all that! A page is a page, and this one follows close on the heels of Isaac's page 7. We're closing in on the end. Will we make it? Only time—and Matt Madden, our next constrainer—will tell!


Anonymous said...


How did you ink the lines on the bushes in the background?

Mike said...

The usual way, which was not necessarily the smartest way: I just made a bunch of little lines with small movements of my brush pen. (Please note that my wrist was a little sore afterwards!) So this page is like all the others: Rapidograph for letters, balloons, and panel borders, trusty brush pen for everything else. One size fits all!