Sunday, July 26, 2009

Doodle Penance: "pogo gazing at navel"

It's another solo Doodle Penance this week, as Isaac wrestles with other tasks. But he was still able to send me a selection of three Pogo-themed search terms to choose from this week, so here's my take on "pogo gazing at navel":

Okay, a word or two of explanation. Today is the estimated due date for my beloved spouse to deliver our child-to-be, so pregnant bellies and navels, umbilical cords, etc., are on my mind. Last night she and a friend had a discussion about the moment when innie bellybuttons pop during pregnancy to become outie bellybuttons—what our friend referred to as the "turkey timer" effect. (So far, no such effect on the beloved spouse's umbilicus; further evidence, perhaps, to support the OB's prediction that we're "not having a giant.") Pogo's comment is a riff on a well-known authentic Pogo line: "It hard to figure the angles on a worm child."

Anyhow, I'm sure our anonymous internet seeker wasn't looking for intimate details of my home life. Probably he or she had one or the other of the images below in mind, both by Walt Kelly himself. The first is from a 1964 MAD Magazine feature where cartoonists drew their own strips in the style of other cartoonists; here, Kelly pokes fun at the design quirks of Mell Lazarus's Miss Peach (signing his work "Lazz Melarus + Walt Kelarus"):
Much earlier, Kelly produced a four-panel promotional image for the '52 presidential campaign under the headline "The Political Dope"; I think the last image of that sequence is what the Google searcher sought (though the previous panel also gives a glimpse of the Pogomphalos):

That, then, is my survey of Pogo gazing at navels. Hope it at least answers some searching questions!

PS: I would like to note that I drew my doodle before consulting any images of Pogo, which is my defense for the wonky proportions of the possum.


Isaac said...

Sir, you have delivered nobly on this Google Doodle mission. It's great that you were able to put your hands on two different Pogo moments of omphaloskepsis, even after manufacturing your own.

B.BarNavi said...

Mazal tov, dad. I'm currently trying to pull out all the stops (short of being mechallel shabbos) to try to make it to the baby naming.

Mike said...

Thanks, B. BarNavi! This is the first time I've managed to spare a thought for the blog since the Blessed Event two Mondays ago...less than twelve hours after I made that Pogo post, the beloved spouse went into labor, and it's kept me a bit busy ever since!

And just to keep things related to navel-gazing, today's the day that the kid's belly button was finally revealed to the world. Result: innie!