Saturday, September 1, 2007

My Kyoto Doppelganger

My friend and former classmate Tara Prescott recently went on a trip to Japan, and when she was walking on the street in Kyoto, she was confronted by a strangely familiar face:

She was good enough to snap a picture of it. Her friend and Kyoto guide Naomi reports that this is the emblem or mascot of a chain of sushi restaurants called Ganko-Zushi, which means something like "stubborn sushi."

I imagine I must have made that particular sour expression from time to time in the writing workshop Tara and I took together. If you've seen any cartoon images of me, then you can probably see the resemblance.

I couldn't find any images of me that perfectly capture it, but I think my demonic self-portrait from the Demonstration book comes kind of close:

Anyway, I figure I'm in good company, having a Japanese advertising icon / corporate logo for an overseas doppelganger...

I, too, am disrespectful to dirt.

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Mike said...

That image is priceless.

Strangely enough, I've probably drawn more pictures of Isaac in the last seven years than anybody else--one of our few "returning characters," as it were.

And Mr. Sparkle is equally magnificent, if not more so (being all animated and musical).