Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What Happens When You Leave Town for a Couple of Weeks

An update, which is all I can manage:

I am back in Burlington, and back at my desk, but most of my comics stuff is still packed up in cardboard boxes. I may have a post in me about comics encountered in my travels, but it's not going to rival any of Mike's recent reports from the field.

While I was gone, however, it turns out that my voice appeared briefly on All Things Considered.

The interview was recorded when Dupuy and Berberian were in Soho, and I certainly wasn't expecting any of it to wind up on the air. But there you go: three or four more seconds out of my fifteen minutes.


Ben Towle said...


And, as proof that one can acquire knowledge of comics minutiae simply via exposure, it was my wife Katherine who hipped me to this when she came home from work saying, "You'll never guess who was just on NPR: Isaac Cates and Heidi MacDonald!"

And congrats to NPR for talking to someone OTHER than Art Spiegelman about a comics story!

Anonymous said...

Hey Isaac,
Great to hear you on NPR -- you should do more Radio. Hope you are well in VT. Best, Thomas Fulton

Mike said...

Right on, Isaac!

And welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Weirdly enough, you're the second friend of mine to be on NPR this week. I was driving home when I heard "This I Believe" on NPR - read by Theresa MacPhail, who is marrying my long time friend Ryan Sloan this fall.

I must keep good company or something. :-)