Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Montreal Finds #1 and #2: Table Doodle & Mascota

A couple of months ago I took a conference trip to Montreal, and I picked up a few comics there that I really ought to blog about. I know it'll take a while, though, because all of the comics I bought are in French, a language I can't really read.

But I can show you two bits of ephemera.

First, a paper-tablecloth doodle, from a bistro where I dined with a few friends also attending the conference:

That snake critter had no limbs to start with, but one of my tablemates turned out to be such an ophidiophobe that the serpentine shape of my doodle was making her nervous. To desnakify the serpent, the easiest way was to bestow a few feet upon it. And arms. And wings.

I miss the days when Mike and I would often go for Thai in a place that used paper tablecloths. We'd often cover the table with ridiculousness before the main course arrived.

My other bit of cartoon-related Montreal ephemera is a business card from a Chilean "Café-Resto" that's just down the street from the best dang bagels you can eat.

You can tell it's a Chilean place not only because they offer "Vin Chilien" or "Vino Chileno," but because they've apparently got the endorsement of Chile's favorite son.

I enjoyed their empanadas.