Monday, January 9, 2012

Alphabeasts: M is for Mugato

This week's Alphabeasts creature is dear to my heart despite of — nay, perhaps because of — its intense dorkiness. It's not just a guy in a white gorilla suit. No, this is gorilla suit with a few horns and a tail stuck on!

This must be the week for goofy alphabeasts!

Maybe you're not familiar with the mugato. This video clip will tell you all ye need to know.

Maybe you would prefer the sort of cartoon that isolates a creature from its natural environment, without that mysterious grainy background. (And if you're the first to tell me, in the comments below, where I got that background, then I'll happily send you a couple of alphabet minicomics for free.)

If you want to see its feet, in other words, or if you just want it bigger, here's a picture from my working files.

It took me a while to work out a pose that would allow me to show off the mugato's goony face and the row of ridiculous dinosaur-style spikes that run down its back. Here are some of my notes, on the back of an envelope.

Next week: another possibly apocryphal mid-century etymological surprise.


Curious Art said...

Ah yes, deliciously ridiculous & great-- those were the glory days of low-tech. Kirk's reaction in the clip is classic Shatner-shudder as well. Mais où sont les neige(-colored monster)s d'antan??

Isaac said...

I really like the pose Deforrest Kelley strikes at the end of the clip to phaser the mugato. It's a reminder that he used to be in a lot of Westerns.

Sam W. said...

I love the campy ridiculousness of this creature, and my sneaking suspicion that the background comes from that grainy footage of a Sasquatch only adds to my amusement. Well done!

Isaac said...

You got it, Sam! That background comes from the old 1967 Patterson Bigfoot footage! (Bigfootage?)

I got it here.

Loops O'Fury said...

I love that episode! The campier, the better.

Jason Folkes said...

This is one of my favorites alpha beasts from this week. Great job, Isaac!

Isaac said...

I'm glad you guys liked it. I think next week's will be even better.

Bird of Paradise said...

The magatu looked like big white gorilla with a spines on its back a short tail and they sound like Mountian Lion their bite is venmous and the are easy to disintigrate with a hand phaser