Thursday, May 15, 2008

If Sauron had won...

It's all on!


Isaac said...

Can you translate the labels in that diagram? Please tell me that "Büntudat" doesn't mean "foot hair."

Mike said...

Hmm...I can't tell you that "Büntudat" doesn't mean "foot hair," because I can't tell what it means.

"Finom íz" probably means something like "tasty crunch" ("finom" is tasty, I'm guessing on "íz").

"Keksz" means cookie (or "biscuit," according to the non-Americans at Lonely Planet).

"Engedj neki" I think means something like "Indulge yourself" (literally, it's something more like "You have permission" or "Allow yourself")

That's the best I can do. (And I appreciate that you probably weren't really asking, but you know me...) It is funny how much Hungarian sounds like the Black Speech of Mordor, though.

Isaac said...

Hm... Mordor ~ Magyar?

I could imagine that. Isn't there some sort of early-20th-century-European-politics allegory swimming behind the races and clans of Middle Earth, anyway?

As a so-called modernist, I should know more about this than I do.