Thursday, May 8, 2008

Stepan's School of Hard Knocks

Well, I'm working on the color version of our Elfworld submission.

It feels like it's going to take forever, but I actually have some time to devote to comics for a change, so here we go. If I just keep putting one foot in front of the other, I'm sure I'll make visible progress soon.

Or, in the words of a captcha letter combo I got this evening,

But actually I am having fun with this, though it's terribly slow. Working on page 2, I've noticed a few things I hadn't seen yet, including a piece of Stepan's costume that disappeared pretty quickly (when I started drawing him, I guess -- oops!) and a pun (of sorts) that Mike slipped into panel 6. It's a real pleasure to go over Mike's pages and find all these little details. I'll post the next page of the Matteu story tomorrow.


Mike said...

Looking good, Isaac! I bow to your PhotoShop mastery.

I'm guessing the missing bit of costume is Stepan's little moneybag? I put that in figuring he'd need to pay for his drink on page 1 somehow, and probably via coin, which would need a purse of some sort. I wasn't too sorry to see it go, though. On such matters, I always think of a Pogo Sunday page which begins with Albert holding up a mandolin, saying: "Look! Here's the mandolin again! It wasn't here last week!"--it having been there two weeks previous in the Sunday continuity; to which Pogo replies, sensibly: "We didn't need it last week." Which was very true.

By the way, I love that "owwmg": a wonderful blend of "ow" and "OMG."

MiriyaB said...

Color looks good! :)