Thursday, June 19, 2008

Comics in Hungary: The Saga Continues!

In the last couple of days, my previous post about comics in Hungary has received some welcome additions in the form of comments from a Hungarian comics scholar, zoli79 (author of the very Wikipedia entry on Hungarian comics cited in my post), and from a Hungarian comics artist, Peter Tikos, member of the Hungarian Comics Academy. Since not every visitor to the blog may be as assiduous as others when it comes to combing through comments on previous posts, allow me to repeat the information from their comments.

Peter Tikos kindly linked our post in one of today's entries on the blog of the Hungarian Comics Academy--if you want to see my smiling face above some text in Magyar, click that link! Better still, he sent a link for a gallery of the Academy's artists, as published in the PinkHell anthology. Click here to access the PinkHellComics profile, but be sure to click through from the profile to the gallery pages. Among other impressive works, two complete stories that I excerpted in my post, "Death and the Compass" by Zoltán Fritz and Zorro de Bianco and "The Woman with the Yellow Wig" by Mátyás Lanczinger, are available for your viewing and reading pleasure (in English, yet!).

zoli79 also provided a link for the complete English-language version of the "Noname" story by Miklos Felvidéki that I raved about in my previous post (note, as zoli79 points out, that the thumbnails of the story are in reverse order, so click from right to left to enlarge from start to finish). He also astounded me by observing that Felvidéki was under 18 when he wrote and drew the story. I bow to the Hungarian wunderkind!

And once again, to our Hungarian visitors: köszi!

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Miklós Felvidéki said...

Thank's for everything! In my and the MKA-s name aswell (but as I see they've said that already). Anyway this is a great blog, Looking at your and others comics makes me wanna draw (guess that' what I'm gonna do)! Keep up the good work and if you have time, take a look at my blog too! It's in hungarian but the pics are for every nation.