Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy birthday, blog

To my great surprise, I note that we launched the Satisfactory Comics blog a year ago today. Most of our posts have aimed at the topics I raised in my inaugural post, though predictably we've fiddled about with the occasional non-comics post or general silliness. I think, though, that with over 160 posts in 365 days--most of them by my colleague--that we can, in retrospect, laugh at Isaac's modest remark (in response to Derik Badman's comment to that first post): "...may[b]e this will develop into something more than a post or two; who knows?"

I also note with some amusement that the image I chose to illustrate that first post is the cover for the only comic of ours that you can't read about on this website. There's some irony there in that it's nonetheless one of our most well-received comics by those who've got their hands on it, and further irony in that we have long had a plan afoot to post the whole comic online. Why haven't we done so yet? I'm sure there are other reasons, but part of it is the judgment of one of its cartoonist-protagonists that his caricature doesn't look sufficiently like him. This offers an interesting context for the question raised at the end of Isaac's recent post about his moving postcards. Regardless of how that question shakes out in general, I do hope that one thing we manage to accomplish with the blog in its second year is to put our last missing comic online at last--even if Isaac has to get all Al Plastino on my Jack Kirby Superman, so to speak.

At any rate, this blog has certainly been useful for us as cartoonists and wrestlers with comics, and I have appreciated every comment (even the snarky ones). Thanks for reading.


Isaac said...

It's not so much that it doesn't look like me. It's that it doesn't look consistent. I think we can do better. I want to hold off on posting it until we make what improvements we can.

Mike said...

Perhaps this would be an appropriate point at which to reveal the unofficial (but dangerous) motto of Satisfactory Comics, Inc.:

More Work Makes Better Comics.

Mind you, the motto should probably specify that "more thoughtful cartooning work makes better comics." More actual work--you know, the payin' kind--tends to make for fewer comics. (Or less comics, depending on how you want to treat the noun.)

MiriyaB said...

Happy blogiversary!

Matt said...

Your work has brought me tons of smiles, tons of joy and, yes, even tons of profound insights and stuff. Thank you!!! I wish you two an extremely satisfactory celebration of this great day... matt

Isaac said...

Profound insights are one thing, but I'm proudest of the stuff. (winking emoticon here)

Anonymous said...

I love this of the very best "behind-the-scenes" and theory blogs about comics that's out there.

Rob Clough