Thursday, June 5, 2008

What I Drew That Was "Fun to Draw"

By the time this year's MoCCA Festival is over, I hope that a few people will have copies of the republication of my "Alphabet That's Fun to Draw" -- this little booklet:

It originally appeared in our multi-author sketchbook project, "_____ Are Always Fun to Draw", in which each of twenty-two cartoonists tried to cram forty or more items from a master list into a single 8" x 7" page.

I like the results a lot, but I only have a few more copies of that book, so I'm bringing out a larger reprint of my illustrated ABC poem from it as a little 28-page booklet. Since I didn't have room in the micro-mini to explain the project or list the fun things that I drew, here's some more information.

You can follow the link above (or in the sidebar) to get a more thorough explanation of the project as a whole, but here's the list of things that I fit into my twenty-six panels:

accordions, apples, bats (or other things with bat wings), birds, bones (loose bones), bugs (especially beetles), cats, chickens, chimeras or other hybrid animals (if you count Squirtle as a squirrel-turtle hybrid, which I do), cigarettes, clouds, cowboys (especially drunk ones), demons, dinosaurs, dogs, dorks (if I count as a dork, and this post would indicate that I do), dragons, ducks, earthworms, ancient Egyptians, explosions (especially mushroom clouds), eyes or eyeballs, fire or flames, fish (especially in goldfish bowls), flies (to indicate bad odor), Frankenstein monsters, girls (especially pretty girls), glasses (for reading), goths, guns, (especially rifles or ray guns, and I got both), helmets, Kirby krackle, knights, letters, lightning bolts, Abe Lincoln, mermaids or merpeople, monkeys or apes, the moon, mountains, ninjas, octopi or squid (including giant squid), Olmec heads, pirates or pirate hats, pizzas (especially with pepperoni), plaid flannel shirts, Pokemon, pterodactyls, robots, rockets or spaceships, ancient Romans (well, I got Carthaginians), samurai, Saturn or other planets, self-portraits, skulls or skeletons, smoke (little whiffs and big puffs, and I got both), snakes, space aliens, swords, the undead (especially zombies), treasure chests, trees, turtles and tortoises (if Squirtle counts), umbrellas, vampires, vikings, wiwaxia, x-ray specs, and zeppelins

Is that sixty-nine different items? Anyway, it's more than forty.

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