Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'll Be at MoCCA

Everyone seems to be announcing their plans, so let me say quickly that I'll be at the MoCCA Festival this weekend. If you didn't already know that, you might not have scrutinized the programming schedule yet. First thing on Saturday, I'll be talking with our friend the comics scholar Charles Hatfield about Jack Kirby's "Technological Sublime." I'm really looking forward to that.

I'm also splitting a table with our friend the cartoonist Tom Motley. There aren't any new Satisfactory Comics publications for this year's MoCCA, but I'll have copies of Satisfactory #7 and #8 with me, plus a lot of promotional postcards that will, I hope, send more people to the site and our big summer sale. We'll be at table 809, all the way across the hall from the main entrance.

As usual, you can expect a photographical report from me within a couple of days of my return to Vermont.


John said...

I can guarantee you that at least two of your former students will be there splitting half a table (530).

Isaac said...

That's awesome to hear, John—I'm glad you guys got one.

And of course one of my other former students will also be there.

Mike said...

And I am pleased to note that one of my own former students, Cee-Cee Swalling, will be there and should have some of her wares on a corner of the SatCom table.

[See for a quick roundup on her comic.]