Monday, June 29, 2009

Kirby Kachina

Yesterday's "Doodle Penance" post got me so fired up that I didn't stop doodling.

I was looking at those photos of the mini-kachina statues* and couldn't keep myself from drawing this.

Tell me you wouldn't subscribe to a comic that starred that guy. Or featured him as a regularly recurring villain.

Let's call him Tokomaq, since "The Living Dynamo" is already taken.

All right, all right...

*I bought the pink-headed one that sort of resembles a dressed-up "Angry Charlie," by the way.

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Mike said...

That "Tokomaq" link didn't go where I was expecting! That's a fine, Kirbyesque name for this character; now what are you going to call the fraidy-looking wannabe New God from yesterday's post?