Friday, March 6, 2009

Lecture Doodle: a Robot with a Lot on His Mind

Yesterday I attended a lecture, and my idle hands turned out to be a doodle's playthings yet again. No surprise there.

You can click to enlarge any of the images in this post.

For some reason, I'm charmed enough with that robot that I decided to color him.

The process of coloring in Photoshop, even with flat colors like these, is a little painstaking, but I've done it enough now that it doesn't take too long. The trick is to set up a separate layer (set to "darken" instead of "normal") over your linework, then use the angle-lasso tool to circle each field of color, then paint-bucket each color into its place.

Last week's doodle penance saw me fiddling around with the "Pixelate—>Color Halftone" filter on my finished color layer, in order to imitate the benday-style coloring in one of Lewis Trondheim's books. Doing that with this colored doodle left me with this:

But I wanted to do a little more fiddling. On this version, I tried using the Color Halftone pixelation setting with only the magenta channel of the CMYK color. It still isn't quite "coloring like a little old lady from Bridgeport," but I like the effect.

You'll want to click that image to enlarge it, so you can see the effect I'm talking about.

That's all for now. Just some stupid procrastination. Don't I have exams to grade?


Nate said...

What was the lecture on, if you don't mind my asking.

Isaac said...

Someone was talking about the virtues of "scholarly personal narrative" as a mode of writing. Almost none of the scribbles came directly from lecture.

"Hermeneutic composability" was in my head for a completely different reason.

8yearoldsdude said...

i read it originally as "hermaneutic compostability" which I am really enjoying.