Friday, May 15, 2009

"Awesome Old Folklore" Mama Bear T-Shirt

If I've done all this right, there's now a t-shirt available at Zazzle with the bears from last week's Doodle Penance.

If you want one, just click here.

They are available in lots of colors and styles. Zazzle's good for that.

I've also made a version (available in all styles) that doesn't have the text that says "Awesome Old Folklore," in case you want the awesomeness to be less explicit. The image is a little smaller on those shirts, too. (This is the "subtle" version.)

And if there are any other Satisfactory Comics images that seem to need the t-shirt treatment, please let me know. Since I've gone through the trouble of making a Zazzle store, I might as well populate it with some merchandise.

Late edit: If you'd like to see a Medieval (and much less cute) image of the same bit of ursine lore, click on over to our pal Carl's Got Medieval blog.


Damien Jay said...

That makes a GREAT t-shirt!

Mike said...

Hey, that looks good, Isaac! To my surprise, I think I prefer the version with text.