Wednesday, May 20, 2009


We've been getting a fair amount of traffic lately, and in order to make some room in my closet I've decided to offer a big silly sale on back issues of our minicomics.

Here's the deal: with a few exceptions,* and as long as they remain in stock, you can have any three issues of our minicomics for just $5.00, postpaid. This is a pretty big bargain. It's actually a little below cost for me in almost every configuration. But the comics will make me happier in your hands than in my closet, so please don't worry about the small cost to me.

(*I can't include the elaborate Satisfactory Comics #6 or the Mapjam in the sale because the stock of those comics is so low and I know I'm never going to reprint them, but I'm still willing to sell them at regular price or as part of the "Complete Package" deal if you want to go all out.)

Feel free to browse through the selection of back issues over in the sidebar, or consider some of the three-issue value packs I describe below. I don't think you'll be disappointed, and you won't be able to get these comics cheaper anywhere. (I'm not going to bring most of the back issues to MoCCA this year.) Click on this button (or the one at the bottom of the post) and let me know which issues (or which "value pack") you want, and I'll get them in the mail to you speedily.

Which issues or value pack?

If you'd just like a sample of our best work, you can't go wrong with the issues in the Story Sale Pack. These three issues have some of our best writing, and some of our most satisfying world-building work.

If you've got a small comics-reader in your life, we commend the Kids' Sale Pack to you. Every issue of Satisfactory Comics is kid-safe (though that's not true for Elm City Jams), but these three stories are particularly good for kids — they're the ones we hand to parents who pass our table at MoCCA.

If you want to see how we do jam comics, order all three issues of Elm City Jams in the Jam Sale Pack, and get a free copy of our Treatise Upon the Jam as a bonus.

If you just want to see how bizarre our imaginations can get, try the Crazy Sale Pack: there's some weirdness in these issues that will put any week's Doodle Penance to shame.

If you like comics but aren't too sure about me and Mike, try our Guests Sale Pack. In those issues, you'll see contributions from people ranging from Jon Lewis to Scott C., from Tom Hart to Bishakh Som, from Tom Neely to Lark Pien, from Sam Henderson to Joey Sayers. Seriously: we've been lucky enough to work alongside a real cavalcade of minicomics stars.

Update: Desert Island Paradise is no longer in stock, so I guess this particular sale pack is a no go. But look at the other goodies you can get:

If you're a fan of Matt Madden, or if you came here from Derik Badman's site, you might want to check out our Constraints Sale Pack, in which we find dozens upon dozens of ways to make comics more difficult for ourselves.

If you're Scott McCloud, you might want to try our 24-Hour Comics Sale Pack, in which we try on three separate occasions to finish a comic in a single day. Did we make it? $5.00 gets you an answer.

If you came here from the Got Medieval blog, you might like the Medieval Sale Pack, which features a faux-Medieval fantasy setting, a Middle-English alphabet poem, and the Death Song of the Venerable Bede.

You can also put your own value pack together. Just name the three comics you want, and if I've still got 'em, they'll be on their way. If you want more than three comics, just send me an email (isaac dot cates at aya dot yale dot edu will ring me up) to work out a deal.

Three comics for five bucks, postpaid. I think you'll agree it's a good value.

Which issues or value pack?

Please note: although this post is more than a year old, I will still honor these prices. I'm happy to get comics into your hands and out of my storage space.

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