Friday, May 22, 2009

New T-Shirt Designs; T-Shirt Sale

It looks like Zazzle is having a Memorial Day weekend sale. All their t-shirts are 10% off.

In honor of the sale, I've designed a couple of other t-shirts, and I'll try to bring another couple online before the end of the weekend.

Again, these are available in lots of sizes and colors.

When you check out, you have to type MEMORIALSALE in the space for a discount / sale code.

Don't worry, not every post this month will be about the way we're selling out. But I figure as long as we're going to have a Zazzle store, it might as well have a few different things in it.


John said...

You should have the logo design on the back of the other shirts; but, you know, just make it really small.

Isaac said...

Ask and ye shall receive. I've set up a couple of shirts like that. Printing on both sides makes them a little more expensive, though.