Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Bit of Good News

Why so broken up, little guy?

Haven't you heard the good news, that our story that features you was accepted for the I Saw You anthology today? That's the story based on two real "Missed Connections" posts from Craigslist -- the story in which you fantasize about writing an ad to attract the attention of a beautiful barista, then realize that posting an ad like that would be really creepy. It's great news that the piece has been accepted -- lots of people will read it!

Oh, I see. You're sad because your humiliating thoughts will be exposed in front of all those readers, aren't you?

Well, I tell you what -- we'll fictionalize you, okay?

(The image above was one of Mike's preliminary doodles for the strip -- supposedly those are the panels that happen right after the ending of our second page.)

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