Friday, August 3, 2007

News About the Mapjam

Some breaking news about the Mapjam project:

In the last day or so, I have heard from Matt Wiegle, of Partyka, whom you may know from such excellent minicomics as Seven More Days of Not Getting Eaten and from Lindsay Nordell, a cartoonist who was once a student of mine and has an excellent story in an issue of Backwards City Review. And both Matt and Lindsay have agreed to contribute to the Mapjam.

This means that we've got nine cartoonists lined up for the next round of stories, and I'm really pretty excited about it. The tentative deadline is about a month away, and although I'm sure a few of us will miss that first deadline, I'm kind of hoping I'll be able to get my story done in time.

I've started some doodles, and since one reader recently took me to task for having so much text, here are some pictures.

Yes, I'm drawing those awesome minor characters of Tom K's from last time. And yes, I am considering naming them Ross Ellery, Ron Utz, and Rob Rockley. (That will, at least, amuse Mike.)


Mike said...

Oh my god. It took me a moment to realize why I would be amused by those names. Now I get it. I'm amused!

And to think that I was simultaneously concluding a post of my own with a picture of Raw Shark!

Anonymous said...

These are turning out great!