Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Satisfactory Comics Sell Out

Since we occasionally recommend books and comics that we think are interesting or important, we have decided to add a little button to the bottom of our sidebar that clicks through to, where you can usually find these works for sale. And where we mention specific works by name in posts, we will make their titles clickable so that you can examine them further and, if you wish, order them on the spot.

Note that the button in the sidebar doesn't necessarily show our specific recommendations, though it may overlap with our favorites by coincidence. Rather, it automatically generates recommendations based on Amazon's algorithms (what I think of as "hocus-pocus"). For the Satisfactory Seal of Approval, follow direct links from within our posts. The sidebar button is still good for making your own searches based on our nonspecific recommendations, however.

The idea here is to make it convenient for you, our readers, to follow up on our occasional recommendations. Duty compels me also to admit that if you click through from our site and make a purchase, there will be a small kickback in our direction.

Do thou what thou wilt in full knowledge, therefore. If you have strong opinions about this concession to filthy lucre, I invite you to let us have it in the comments. I can assure you, however, that we will only recommend works that we genuinely admire or find interesting.

PS One of my favorite albums is The Who Sell Out, whose songs include bogus advertisements for actual products such as Odorono, Heinz Baked Beans, Medac, Premiere Drums, and the Charles Atlas course (there's a comics tie-in, for you!). And one of my other favorite albums is Petra Haden's remarkable solo a cappella cover of the entire album, Petra Haden Sings the Who Sell Out. Both are well worth a listen, and both somehow seem less commercially venal than the antics of Sigue Sigue Sputnik, who notoriously sold advertising between the tracks of their 1986 album Flaunt It. Nowadays, of course, the Who are themselves notorious for licensing their classic songs for advertising and television theme songs—a trend glanced at wryly in the song "Mike Post Theme" on their most recent album, Endless Wire (2006). We glanced at comics advertising in a couple of parodies back in Satisfactory Comics #4; Isaac posted about them here.


Anonymous said...

"[F]ilthy lucre" is what William Tyndale translated "aiskhron kerdos" (shameful gain) to in a translation of the Bible he did.

Wait, was that not a swipe?

Anyway, boo amazon, yeah Powells -- the only online bookstore with a union.


Isaac said...

I think it's a little ironic that you mention the song "Mike Post Theme" in a Mike post.