Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Arthurian Alphabooks: G is for the Green Knight [en série]

Because I somehow wound up committing myself to yearbook-style portraits for my early Arthurian characters, I went ahead and penciled one for the Green Knight before deciding to get more lively with the image in my previous post. But having penciled the headshot, I felt obliged to ink it. It's still fairly lively, though, in a Brian Blessed-as-Prince-Vultan sort of way (though not deliberately so), and I've given it a greenish cast to befit its subject. And here ya go:


Isaac said...

If you look in the dictionary under joie de vivre, there will be a picture of Brian Blessed.

Mike said...

What word or phrase, in French or otherwise, would best describe Brian Blessed in the following scene, though?


(Watch at least through 2:30. Whoa.)

Isaac said...

Maybe intense?

Mike said...

Good choice, there, Isaac. You know, I think that 5-minute clip is all I've seen of I, Claudius, but just based on the first half with Brian Blessed I am eager to see more! [I did like the novel.]