Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Feedback welcome (even if anonymous)

We're continuing to tweak various features of this website as we learn what you, our visitors, would like from it. For example, until recently you needed to be a registered user to leave a comment, but now you can leave a comment anonymously if you wish (and thereby protect your secret identity).

We would, in fact, like to hear from you, whether it's a response to something we've posted or a new idea you'd like to float. For now, we invite you to use the comments for this post to suggest improvements or additions to the site, raise new questions, issue challenges, whatever. The original concept behind Satisfactory Comics was to satisfy our readers by incorporating their contributions to our stories and art; no reason why the website shouldn't continue at least partly in the same vein.


Anonymous said...

As an annonymous comment, I'd just like to say that Satisfactory Comics #2 was/is really good.

Mike said...

Thanks! Glad you liked/like it!