Sunday, July 1, 2007

Satisfactory Comics #1 (Dec. 2001)

This was our very first joint venture, whipped up in a couple of weeks during the semester break. It's a silly science-fiction story about a "space cartoonist" named Jeanne Photon (hovering over us on the cover). She plops down into a plot that involves Jedis, an amorous ostrich, heavy hallucinations, and a "glowing orange dude" who has created a menagerie on a barren planet. It's pretty fun, and if the cartooning isn't quite top-notch, it's still at least satisfactory.

To make this issue, we ... well, let's let cartoon Isaac and Mike explain it:

Each of those submitted panels came from one of our friends, not all of whom could really draw. When we had the whole set, assembled in a random order, it was hard to see how they might fit together in one story, but we did our level best. We also rolled dice to see where on the page each panel would fall, which meant some slightly odd pacing in places, but turned out to work about as well as we could have hoped. Sometimes I'm torn as to whether this issue represents a fun beginning or an "only for completists" goof, but when I actually read over it, I'm inclined to take a charitable view. It's just such a fun comic!

Satisfactory Comics #1 is 16 pages long, and the title on each cover is lettered in by hand. (They're all different.) Contributors (of one panel each) are Morgan Swan, Michael Hurwitz, Scott Koblish, Becca Boggs, Shawna Ryan , Kathranne Knight, Tara Prescott, Jesse Reklaw, Karin Roffman, Zina Deretsky, Catherine Rockwood, Rachel Trousdale, Andrew Sage, H. Stern, Darcy Fryer, Daniel Dove, and Brett and Anise Foster.

If you want to buy it, the price, postpaid, is $1.75 by Paypal (using the button below), $1.50 by check, or $1.00 if I give it to you in person and don't have to mail it.

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